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Hunting in Germany

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Welcome to Hunting in Germany!

I have a German Hunting License

In order to get a German Hunting license you must attend a lengthy course, take a written exam, oral exam, and shooting test with both a shotgun and a rifle. After taking the 3-month course, I passed all the exams and earned my German Hunting License.


Help People Understand Hunting in Germany

When I first came to work and live in Germany I had no idea that I could even get a German hunting license. The German hunting courses are very long, expensive and all in German.

Because I was working as a US contractor I qualified to take a German hunting course that was 3 months long, not too expensive and in English.

The biggest thing about hunters in Germany is that you must understand we are conservationists who love to hunt!

With that comes many responsibilities for the animals we hunt and the land we hunt on.


Make it easier for People to Hunt in Germany

I will put resources on this website to help you find the information you need to hunt in Germany.

I will also put up posts on my experience from taking the hunting course and hunting in Germany

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Les Waller


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14 responses to “About Hunting in Germany”

  1. Christopher Avatar

    Hello Les,

    Can you please tell me where I can purchase one of those running rabbit target systems? I’m from Australia.
    With thanks in advance,


    1. Les Waller Avatar

      I’m afraid since those systems are heavy and bulky you would probably have to purchase something from within Australia. I also replied via separate correspondence.

  2. James Baker Avatar
    James Baker

    Hi is there anywhere you can get a copy of the german hunting course in English ?

    1. Les Waller Avatar

      Hello there! On the MWR site under “Hunting Instructional Material” you’ll find what is covered in the course. Mind you, this is for the course that is given by Wiesbaden MWR not any course that is given on the economy. The course the German’s go through is 6 months versus our 3 month course. Here is the link to the MWR site:

  3. Almaz Avatar

    Hi, is there hunting restrictions this year in Germany due to avian flu ?

  4. Daniel Smith Avatar
    Daniel Smith

    Good Afternoon

    Can you advise how we get a UK licence to German, we received the info from Barnim.

    “I would like to point out once again that in order to issue a foreigner’s day hunting licence, you must submit a valid, certified and translated hunting authorisation from your home country.”

  5. Nicholas Avatar

    Can any US citizen living in Germany take the MWR course?

    1. Les Waller Avatar

      Unfortunately, the answer to that is no. You have to be some form of DoD ID card holder in Germany due to the agreement with the US and the German governments. I know the German course is longer and more expensive and I suppose depending on your VISA status in Germany would determine if you can take the German course.


    Good afternoon,
    I’m currently living in Luxembourg and want to get a hunting licence. I can take the exam in Germany since they don’t offer english courses here. Can you please share where/how I can take the course in english. FYI I don’t work for the DoD.


    1. Les Waller Avatar

      Good day!
      That’s a tough question. To even take the test here you have to take the 3-month course that is part prior to taking the test and to qualify to take the course you have to be a DoD cardholder stationed or living/sponsored in Germany. The only thing I can suggest if you want to hunt is check out the requirement from some of these companies that offer paid hunts in Spain, Poland, and other countries. Depending on the game you may have to qualify by shooting specific static and moving targets before the hunt.
      This site is just a quick example of a hunting outfit that I found on google:

  7. M.Awais Avatar

    Hello sir,

    i want to have hunting bow license in Germany. Which course i have to take ?

    1. Les Waller Avatar

      Bow hunting is not legal in Germany.

  8. M.Awais Avatar

    License in germany but in english.

    1. Les Waller Avatar

      I am not sure I understand this question.

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